Progress Update - August 2016

Projects Progress Collage August 2016

At first I planed to post two posts each month about my progress, but as I sat and started to write this post I have realized I have so much to write about, thus at first I will try and maintain a monthly post with a post for each project.

The picture at the start of the post is a collage of all the projects I worked on this month, without further ado lets begin.

Game Projects

Move The Spikes:

Move The Spikes Screen shots
This project about a mobile game called move the spikes, I have finished working on a playable version a few months ago and decided to abandon it and try simpler project, so now after I have released some games I have time to finish this one.

The game is quite simple, there is a ball which bounces between the left and the right walls at the same time there are spikes moving from the top to the bottom and your main goal is to avoid them by stooping their movement with the tap on the screen and holding or you can also scroll them down but not up, all that while watching out from the bar at the top of the screen won't get empty because if it does you won't be able to stop or move the spikes until it fills up again, as long as you touch the screen the bar drains out.


This game is developed in C++ with Cocos2d-x engine, I'm using version 3.10 with the cocos studio, today cocos have decided to deprecate cocos studio, so I had to find this version which took me couple of hours, although all the animations made with code and not in the studio I still use the sprite sheets and the node system, maybe I will make the switch completely to code and update to the latest version of the engine.


For the art I use Inkscape, I love flat art style because it is simple and elegant and also I'm kind of undeveloped in this category and I learn it as I go and try and maintaining it across the game.
For now the game has a simple theme, but I plan to add more unlockable theme currently thought about this themes: basketball, football, baseball, pokeball.


For the music I use LLMS and Audacity, this is also not my strong suit unlike programming, although I play a guitar and therefore I have some background in music theory and it's easier to learn new styles.I started to compose a house track for this game, I try to make it catchy as I can so it will complement the theme of the game.

Version 0.72:

This is the current build is version, for this version I had to fixed some bugs which I left before I move to another project and I have also added new features.

  • Fix the placements of the elements on the screen in the opening and closing animations, I relied on cocos studio for the correct element placement based on the width and the high of the screen, but it didn't work so I had to do this in code instead.
  • Changed the original game play which also included scrolling up, but now the user can only scroll down or stop the spikes, it made more scene, maybe I will change it again based on the users input.
  • Removed the old tutorial, which included an animations of the hand moving down and up while the balled and the spikes moved in slow motion, many didn't get this so I have replaced it with a button of a question mark which available at the start or the end of each round, it will show some text and images to explain the game play.
  • Added a toggle button for the mute and unmute to be implemented later, but the animations are implemented.
  • Added collectible items to the game in form of diamonds which will be the currency for unlocking new themes in the game, still not sure about this feature.
  • Added a game over menu which includes a no ads ,unlock, rate, more games button which currently represented by symbols only I tried adding text but it looked terrible, none of this buttons are implemented, only the the animations implemented.
  • Fixed the shadow correct angle after the bounce, this was the hardest part, which I actually couldn't fix, I couldn't understand why the method of the angle correction is called more than one time at the post contact between two objects which made the shadow look as if it juggled between few angles so to over come this, at the "begin of contact" method between the wall and the ball I have set the shadow opacity to zero and at the post contact event I added and fade in to the shadow which made it look more smother and more cool.

Slime - Ludum Dare #36:

This month was the Ludum Dare #36,
which I participated in the 48 jam.
I won't write much about this here because
I intend to write about it in a separate post,
but one of my conclusion from this
is maybe I need to start and making my art
by hand and not by mouse, here is a sneak pick
on the game.

Art Projects

Psylocke Fan Art :

X-men Psylocke fan art
I liked the new x-men movie and and in it I really liked psylocke which is played by olivia munn, I'm also need to improve my art skills therefore I started this project. I decided to make a flat style character with Inkscape, I use only the mouse, after I'm done with the character creation I will then animate it, currently not sure which software to use, I have Spriter pro which I bought long time ago and haven't really used it much, on the other hand I really like open source software and I like to use them instead of the commercial one to show my support, so recently Dragon Bones got new update which pretty much looks like spine, and have deform meshes which is such an amazing feature it make the animation pop to life, and currently Spriter pro doesn't has it although I read couple years ago that they are planing to add it as well but don't know if they did or not.

For now I had some issues with the proportions so I found so a reference to the female anatomy and how to draw it, basically the whole body is like eight head height, also found a nice pose to use so it won't look boring and like the others, I think it coming along nicely but far from over.

Promotions Projects

promotions project screen shots

Between Circles Promo Video

I have Decided to make a promo video not longer 
than 40 seconds on one of my game which 
I release quite awhile ago "Between Circle".
For this project I use blender as a video editor
it's quite easy but along the way I had couple of problems
  1. It's hard to make custom text in it, and
    also it's longer to render it, so instead
    I made the text into images and it solved
    my problem.
  2. when I added a lot of strips to the scene
    the editor started to work very slow, to solved
    this I grouped to strips into 3 meta strips
    and for all the strips I used the proxies in
    25% quality.

Twitter Bot

For quite some time I noticed that there are bots on twitter which re-tweeting content, and I thought I could use one for my self, so I started coding it right away.
For this project I used python and the tweepy library, I wrote very basic bot which pools every 15 minutes 15 tweets with the hashtag #indiedev and favorites them, at the end of the favoring process I would send a messages to the new followers saying to check my site, after couple of days the application was block and after contacting Twitter's support and reading Automation rules and best practices I realized that I broke their rules and therefore stopped using this bot so I won't get blocked.


I stream almost all of my work on Twitch and than upload it to YouTube, hopefully will gain new followers who will check my upcoming games and play the old ones.


I have read some where, not sure where, that keeping a development blog it quite a marketing strategy so I'm willing to give it a try and see how it goes, in addition this will document my development process so I will be able to check my past development process and learn from it.

Sorry for the long post here is a spiked potato I made for you

Hello World

print("Hello World")

My name is Jacob I'm 27 from Israel, I'm freelance indie game developer, programmer, graphic artist, music producer and maybe a few other things

This blog will be about my progress in the game development including code,art,music, promotions. the difficulties, solutions, tips and tricks in each area, also I'll post a unique page for each complete project I have finished and try to explain as much as I can about it.

A few years ago I opened similar blog but somehow couldn't find what to write,
but today I have already released four games (three solo and one with a team) so far and have three more in the late development stages.

so stay tuned